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Just an Anna doodle!

I really need to improve my drawing and concepting and all that industry-related jizz jazz. This dumb thing took me an hour and a half, and catching her likeness was a bear. But when it all shook out, I kinda like it, I may do one a day for a while, to get my drawing hand back. Or not, we shall see...


(click to enlarge)

All Photoshop, instigated on tumblr. paltry Society 6 store is running a free-shipping promotion through tomorrow. There's not much in there, but I thought the Anna image made a cool phone case, heh! If you're curious as to what's over there, this is the link that will get you the temporary discount. And if you want to see something particular, gimme a holler.

Have a great weekend, babies!
Tags: anna milton, doodle-dee-doodle, masterart, spn
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