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7 (non-consecutive) Days of Self-promotion: Day 4

"Something you made just for yourself"

Oh, let's see how self-indulgent I've been...

And the result is, not very. Mostly because I love working from prompts, so 75% of my work is based on someone else's suggestion. Though I certainly merge my inclinations with their preferences, this is one of the few pieces of art that was entirely something I did for no one but me, just to play with traditional media and be fanciful and light-hearted. FOR A CHANGE, RIGHT?

(click teaser to go to the original post, in a new window.)

Fic-wise, if I discount the things I did for prompts and events, there ain't much. I've pimped this fic before, but it will always hold a place in my heart because I feel like it was a break-through piece for me. It was the first fic I'd written after tesserae_ sat me down and gave me killer concrit--so many salient, brilliant tips on How To Write Fiction, that I could never repay her. It's not a happy fic, it can get a little gory, and everyone's probably already read it or passed on it by now, but here you have it: Rabbits Scream

My question for this round: does anyone else have a tough time inspiring themselves? Do you need the boundaries and spark of a prompt or another person's expectations, or do you thrive in complete freedom?
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