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SPN ArtistSwap on tumblr

Ever wondered what happened to spnartistswap? It revived (sorta) over on tumblr. It didn't get much of a reception there unfortunately, but I participated for old time's sake. I was lucky to get necrora's draft to work from!(Here's her original.) I loves me some Meggles. :D So this was the result. I was pretty happy with the colors, and very much inspired by the works of Becky Cloonan. GET TO KNOW HER; she is awesome.


(click for bigger version)

I also cooked up a couple of userpics anyone is welcome to snag. Just gimme some cred someplace, is all. :)

TruformMegAv Anna_userpic_quickreaver TruformMegAv2
Tags: masterart, meg, spnartistswap
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