The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin (quickreaver) wrote,
The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin

Finally! My "Dear Summergen author" letter!

Sorry for the delay! I'm on vacation and only paying partial attention to the interwebz these days.

Hellooo, sweet writer person! I hope you find something you can work with! I'm really flow, so if you feel like experimenting, please do!

Loves: hurt!Winchester (where the other bro is bad-ass protective and awesome :D), outsider POV, Dean POV!, horror, gore, dark humor, lots of description, I'm a Sam girl but Dean is my baby too. They're just better together, like chocolate and peanut-butter. When it all boils down to it, I prefer reading about them primarily, with just about any co-star.

Dislikes: character bashing (except for the 'bad' guys; you gotta bash someone!), schmoop, not overly fond of Gabriel, ummmm...that's about it.

See? Easy!

I don't require happily-ever-afters. As an artist, I love being able to visualize a scene, the characters, so feel very free to add lots of juicy description. And above all, have fun! I'll be tickled, no matter what. \o/!
Tags: dear author, summergen
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