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Fuck Yeah, LJ!

First off, thank you EVERYONE for all the warm, wonderful birthday wishes! I will try to thank everyone eventually, but in the meantime, know that you are all amazing and starlight and every good thing in life, and you have made me a happy, happy person! KISSES ALL AROUND!

Now, on to business ganked from sexy mob boss, tebtosca:

Hello, lovelies! As you might have seen going around your flist, it has been decreed (by very important people, surely!) that today will be "Everybody go post something random on Livejournal because that is still our community, dammit, and we want to take it back Day".

So with that in mind, here is a picture of what I did for my berfday:

This year was a rather auspicious (and potentially traumatizing) birthday, so my husband took us all to Portland, Maine to celebrate and eat lobster, and I got something I've always wanted: a tattoo. Yeah, yeah, I know, they're not for everyone. But I've always wanted one and finally bit the bullet. It's nothing fancy, but I truly ♥ it. Blackwork, my fam helped me pick out the font, it hurt far less than I thought it would (hardly at all, really), and the studio and staff couldn't have been more professional and just plain awesome. Scott Bruns of Sanctuary Tattoo did the honors.

Me and my new g-spot. HAR.

Now I want more. It's true what they say; they are addictive.

Before that (and Hurricane Arthur), we went to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to soak up sun and sand. I think I must live by a coast someday, instead of the dead center of Ohio. Yup.


Now, obligatory pet pics. Zoey and Maddie, respectively.


Now YOU all go post your own random something or other, and then come back to spam this post here with pictures of your pets, or haikus about how excited Jared is about Director!Jensen today, or what you decided to eat for lunch!
(Me: a salad from the Lucky Cafe in Cleveland. After all that travel, I needed a salad. TMI? Sorry, kids.)
Tags: i love lj, my flist is awesome!, quickreaver is a slacker, real life yabber
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