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Took the kids (12, 14, 16, all boys) to see Guardians of the Galaxy today and kinda loved the damned thing! I am completely unfamiliar with the comic, so I was coming in blind. Had to suspend a bunch of disbelief because YEAH, comic. But that was easy, really.

Talking trees and raccoons? Suspending disbelief kinda comes with the territory. Chris Pratt was equal parts obnoxious, adorable, and WHOAMYGOODNESS ripped. Zoe Saldana did a fine job, as did everyone, really. The chase scenes went on a little long for my tastes, but whatever, right? There were things I'd like to have seen done differently, but knowing this came from an existing source, I had to assume if they changed stuff too much, it wouldn't be cool with the fans. For instance, whenever there are two female major characters, you just KNOW at some point, they will be facing off against each other. Kinda bored of this trope. Also a little bored with the introduction of romance between predictable characters, like the hunk and the heroine. They barely touched on this in the movie, but it was still there.

There were a few spots where sensitive folks might be offended by some of the language, and a crap-ton of cartoon violence, but almost no blood and you never at any point felt the protags were ever in real danger.

Overall, though, the fx were fantastic (contact lenses have gotten SO much better, which is good because they were all over the place); laugh-out-loud one-liners kept things hopping; I liked the story, how it tied up the plot; but most of all, the soundtrack. People of a certain age *ahem* will reeeeeally appreciate the music selections.

In a nutshell, I recommend! It's not deep, by any means, but a fun weekend romp. And did I mention Chris Pratt is sometimes hot?
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