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muse me!

Totally stole this from ratherastory but then she's so damned good at making lists and checking off projects, I could only hope to be so organized. Time is ticking away and I need to get some rockstar writing done. And arting, but that second one comes easier.

Fandom: Supernatural

Big Bang: spn_gen_bigbang

Current Word Count: 2,304

Daily Goal: 1,000 a day // Final Goal: ?

What else do you want to get done this week?
1.) Work on my spn_summergen
2.) spn_summer_art
3.) spn_j2_bigbang(art)
4.) SPN/song-based art challenge over at DeviantArt.

*phew!* (Not all of these things have to get DONE done this week, but they've gotta get serious attention.)

Snippet: "Some of her best friends here in town were witches but deep inside she hated them all. She had to." // Summary: It's case!fic that might be a little het. A little. Maybe.

If anyone's got a whip, feel free to crack it in my direction!
Tags: fanart, fandom has claimed my soul, fanfiction, quickreaver is not a slacker, spn, supernatural
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