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State of the QR

Hey, flist! Been AWOL for a while--missed the samdean_otp draft, booooo--because I've been out of town, but for good reason: ALL THE ART.

This was Illuxcon weekend, that amazing four days where many of the world's best living genre (fantasy/scifi/horror) artists get together and show their stuff, attend panels on the industry, and basically bond over booze and paint brushes. Supernatural isn't the only target of my fangirling. :D

Some of the artists that were there:

John Jude Palencar:
Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell:
Donato Giancola:
Rebecca Guay:

And I could go on and on. I showed a few things, too, and got a metric crap-ton of great advice and...AND...I finally got to meet, face to face and in living color, the superlative monicawoe! I KNOW, RIGHT? You thought we lived in each other's back pockets, but nope. (Wish I did, though!) She's easily as marvelous as I thought she'd be. As I knew she would be. I miss her already.

Here's my little set-up: (Recognize the guy in the center? Hee! It's based on Monica's The Two Ravens. If you haven't read it by now, what are you waiting for?) Eventually, I'll scan in all the junk. I didn't sell anything (which is okay, really, because I still have a mess of refining to do before I'm happy with the drawings), but I received fantastic advice and inspiration and direction and yeah, good stuff! SO daunted and inspired at the same time.

Got home to a kid with the flu, but it's still nice to be back and open LJ and catch up with Dallas Con deliciousness. So shoot me all the juicy SPN (or hey, non-SPN) goodies I missed. IS IT OCTOBER YET?? :D
Tags: hi flist!, monicawoe is the cat's pyjamas, not completely spn but a little
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